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NAVTOR AS and Nautic AB join forces to launch new business offering complete navigation solution

E-navigation specialist NAVTOR has joined forces with Nautic AB, the leading provider of navigational equipment, charts and publications to the Swedish market, to launch NAVTOR NAUTIC AB. This jointly owned operation, based in Gothenburg, ...Read More

97,500 successful moorings and this is just the beginning!

The previous edition of Terminal Operator, (January – March 2015), featured an article entitled “Hazards and measures to deal with additional mooring lines”. The article ends with the following sentences: “The shipping industry has always been concerned with safe mooring practices. These include the facilitation of safe and efficient mooring, ...Read More

Automation: The key to reducing stress among VTS operators

With the rapid growth of container terminal industries globally, challenges on workforce stress has also gone up multifold. The need to counter stress among VTS (vessel traffic ...Read More

Hazards and measures to deal with additional mooring lines

A number of serious incidents have occurred in recent years involving shore requests for large tankers to moor using additional synthetic lines to supplement their own mooring wires....Read More