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Optimizing RTG performance for greater terminal efficiency

The value of any piece of information is determined by three primary factors: when it’s available, where it’s available and to whom it is available. This is especially true for information relating to the complex, dynamic and interacting processes at a container terminal. It is critical for planners to be aware of terminal operations with a full overview at any given time. All operational decisions or changes have an impact on the efficiency of the terminal immediately – and therefore affect customers and shareholders. As the terminal operating system (TOS) is managing all relevant information, the TOS is in a key position to drive terminal efficiency and success, playing a major part of the business profit model. New intelligent procedures based on methods from applied statistics and operation research benefit from TOS information in a smart way. Realtime Business Solutions (RBS) is working on TOS-integrated intelligent solutions for rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) dispatching and berth allocation. Being TOS-integrated, smart algorithms make use of the high quality and information availability to support the planner with efficient solutions where necessary. Algorithms help to monitor any interacting changes in the system, keep the planner in focus of any upcoming issues based on defined thresholds and settings and are even able to propose smart solutions where required or take responsibility for chosen parts to free planners’ time for more critical issues. Tests for intelligent RTG dispatching as part of the RBS TOS have shown that it is able to reduce RTG idle times, RTG movements and is leading to a significant reduction in fuel consumption, together with an increase of operational hours. New berthing solutions allow increasing terminal performance due to optimised transport distances in operations and minimised vessel waiting times, helping to reduce complexity and uncertainty within the terminal processes.(Terminal Operator)

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